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Do you like dating games? What if the fate of the world rested on your ability to make girls fall in love with you? That’s exactly the predicament that Shidoh finds himself in, only the “girls” he has to make fall for him are hot alien vixens causing destructive Spatial Quakes around the city! Welcome to the world of the hit sci-fi rom-com Date A Live!

See below for the English cast and also a peek at the English dub trailer! Date A Live releases on June 10th! Click here to pre-order your copy today.


TOHKA - Michelle Rojas
SHIDO- Josh Grelle
TONOMACHI - Nick Haley
KURUMI - Alexis Tipton
REINE - Barrett Nash
KOTORI - Bryn Apprill
YOSHINO - Tia Ballard
TAMAE - Anastasia Munoz
MANA - Felecia Angelle
ORIGAMI - Michelle Lee
KANNAZUKI - J. Michael Tatum
RYOKO - Caitlin Glass
NARRATOR - Alex Moore


ADR Director – Joel McDonald
ADR Engineer – Cris George

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